“Getting Off A bycycle” by Loop Magazine

Today is Loop Magazine party! BROTURES will also go, so Today we will close the store at 19:00. By all means in Nakameguro!
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“Getting Off A bycycle” by Loop Magazine Notice of Photo / EXHIBITION Under the leading street culture magazine Loop Magazine Direction Featuring five photographers active in the street scene of Tokyo and NYC. We will hold a photo exhibition that realistically depicts the current street scene and spin culture to the next generation of heads. With the support of instant film maker Impossible, at the Vintage Instant Camera Exhibits only one piece in the world. An instant film that shows various expressions depending on the environment such as temperature and humidity. See the real scene where photographers who are familiar with the street cut out. http://www.loopmagazine.jp/ [place] Impossible Project Space TOKYO 1-20-5 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo OAK BLD 2F http://www.the-impossible-project.jp/contact/index.html [schedule] Reception party Friday, September 2nd 19:00~21:00 * Because it is an open event, please come and invite everyone. Exhibition period Closed on Monday, September 3rd 12:00~18:00 [Writer] -Muraken- The scene of the scene that started career with SKATEBOARD's riding photo. Cover of specialized magazines, A wide variety of activities, such as fashion brand advertising, magazine shooting, and solo exhibitions that cut out everyday life. The work that captures to the backbone of the subject carries is attractive. http://www.murakenphoto.com/ -XRAY Sexyshi- A photographer who keeps shooting street bicycle culture. He has a reputation for photos of Fixed Trick and has a strong trust from the real scene trick rider. He also works on advertising photos of fashion brands, including OAKLEY. http://sexysushi.blog.so-net.ne.jp/ -Toy Dog- While making daily document shooting everyday, centered on messenger lifestyles, a routine A new photographer who is active in artist's jacket photos and magazines. As a member of the crew downhill in Tokyo, as a member of F.E.S.S. Dope or Dog Food. http://dopedyouth.blogspot.com/ -TAKUYA SAKAMOTO- Lives in NY. In the connection that I worked for and cultivated as a messenger A pioneer who has been taking a bicycle ride and built a new genre called "Street Bicycle Photo". Loopmagazine's key man who also performs collaboration with fashion. http://newyorkbikedreams.blog41.fc2.com/ -Hikaru Funyu- FIXED TRICK rider with the ability to be sponsored from a bicycle shop. It is also known as a unique actor, photographer, and multi -activities. Riding photos, of course, have a gentle personality in the attractive portrait. http://hikaru-funyu.blogspot.com/ [Special T-Shirt] In this project, T-Shirt, which has photos of each photographer, is sold at Phat Tree Project Online Store. http://phattree.com/
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)