I recommend 735.

The day before yesterday, it has been 10 years since the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Looking back, I feel like I'm hitting a nail now if it's terrible.

At that time, due to planned power outages, transportation such as trains could not be used, and bicycle users exploded.

In accordance with this, the fixie bike is very popular in Japan. At that time, there were many no brakes, and some people may have felt annoying.

Now the police crackdown is strict, but the brakes are stylish items, and no brakes are old.

It seems that the bro had a lot of response, especially at that time, with a small aero frame and Leader's attention.

Leader, who has been loved, and 735TR, who is still popular, will know.


The overwhelming volume and street taste always stop in your eyes.

The current 735TR is a fork, and the seat post is a full carbon. VISION crank made of high quality materials. Recently, the tire is so fat that GOOD YEAR is provided from the finished car.

I often see it in the city, but every custom is because I don't have to be aware of "wearing people".

Leader® 735TR "King of Street"

Like this Corona, the bicycle blows out if there is a global shock.

There are various uses such as commuting, going to school, and city riding, but as part of fashion, 735TR is nominated first.

At present, it is the stock of the white L size to the XL. Personally, I reported just to be white.

Black is sold out, but it is scheduled to arrive around April, so we accept guidance by reservation. We will deliver from the custom order from the mail order from the custom order.

Details are OK for SNS, email, telephone many times.

How about having a stable lifestyle and a body that raises fashion sense at hand?



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