I tried to assemble CINELLI × MASH 2012 b...

The customer who had reserved CINELLI × MASH I tried to set up the first. that's cool. And it leaks One of the handsome men has been assembled. This time the customer is the first piste bike It seems that he decided to be fascinated by the design power of BOLT. I want you to make it a specification that you can't lick The parts were left to you. Then, you will definitely be desperate to make a cool Mash. My hobby has been quite good. The crank is all used by Brotures crew [SRAM OMNIUM]
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This direct feeling is Once you get on, you can't return anymore. The saddle is after Italy [SanMarco Concor] It is Tsuu that matches the common point of the brand.
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The handle is like a street Leader bike riser bar. The length of this handle, end The back sleep is exquisite I love it. Because it ’s the first fix To keep the position closer The stem is a short type. [Leader Plisken Stem] Skill CNC processing, do not miss it.
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I want you to upload the image and see it According to the CINELLI logo It's about stinging a raster color A little smart measure. I can't miss the playfulness. Click here for the completed system!
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It is a very convincing finish. It's cool. CINELLI × MASH If you can make a reservation now, it will arrive in about 3 days. How do you build it? Web Store Brotures Harajuku Jingumae, Shibuya -ku 4-26-31 03-6804-3115 YOKOHAMA JAHLIFE 2-1 Saito -cho, Kanagawa -ku, Yokohama 045-413-7875
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