20 to 30 minutes commuting. I don't want ...

He ran and has a moderate sense of stability.
It is better not to take as much time as possible because you ride frequently on commuting.
It is such a custom.

Pelago San Sebastian "Utility"

A slightly thicker tire brings a sense of stability while taking a posture that is easy to put in with the drop handle.
This time it is a block tire, so it will grip firmly on soft roads.
It is a very important factor to be able to respond to many situations because the commuting environment changes rapidly.

Durable is the same as the ability to respond.
The bicycle is very "twisted" when driving.
The joints and bearings for each part have a heavy load.
I would like you to choose parts such as hubs and headsets for bicycles that you use on a daily basis.
Busy people can't always maintain.

And this Sansbastian is a deep frame that can coexist them.
Unfortunately, the production will end this season, so it is in stock now.
I'm lonely because it's a very good bicycle.
It is a bike that is very expandable and responds firmly to the rider's needs.
Isn't fixed gear, of course free gear?

How about such a bike for commuting and going to school?
It is a good child without hassle.


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