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"King of Street"

A custom bike called BROTURES's masterpiece with a very easy -to -understand name.

It has gained tremendous popularity since the announcement a year ago, and probably the most ordered in 2020.

Leader® 735TR "King of Street"

Back and back and after the BROTURES original carbon wheels.

The specification of three batons and deep rims is BROTURES 18th.

The weight is 1600-1700g and the lightness of less than 2 kg.The total weight of the bicycle is not a dream in the 6kg range.

BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 99,000- (tax included)

BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL ¥ 64,900- (tax included)

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Both T3 and 88 are outstanding with the 735TR looks based on the thickness of the wheels.

The wheels of the normal completed car are not bad, but from the aspect of dress -up

It is a wheel custom that has a very great effect, even from the aspect that it is lighter and easy to speed.

Next is underbody. This is the GoldMedal of EURO-ASIA for the ROTOR crank and the rear wheel gear.

EURO-ASIA, especially, has now become a very difficult item to obtain. Especially when it comes to GOLDMEDAL.

EURO-ASIA GOLDMEDAL ¥ 27,170- (tax included)

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The excuse of Corona's influence may be a dead word, but the production has really dropped. I haven't seen 17T for a while anymore.

We have a wealth of repertoire of NovaCorona, Digirit, Sugino, White Industries

Honestly, there is no item to compete in EURO-ASIA GOLDMEDAL.The highest accuracy. The highest strength. Soundless toughness.

2-3 pieces are left, so it is first come, first served.

And the last pickup is the handle.

This is also the long -awaited, the so -called Thomson carbon rizer, where the number of back orders was too much to wait.

Thomson Carbon Riser Bar ¥ 22,000- (tax included)

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Among the many carbon rizers, it is 180g, which is very light and exquisite.

As a personal impression, as soon as the carbon rizer of another company was made into a Thomson carbon rizer, my back and lower back pain was reduced.

I think that the stress of the ride is largely due to the frame, but once the perfect frame is decided, select the stem and handle next time.

Choosing items around the steering has a significant effect on stress when riding.

This King of Street is the body that satisfies from the appearance, functionality, rarity, and all directions.

To be honest, I have produced more than 5000 custom bikes, but honestly I don't know if I am vaguely asked which one is recommended.

I like all the custom bikes I have so far, and I recommend them all. smile

However, among them, if you want to be excerpted and select one, you will probably mention this one without hesitation.

Let's get a Leader®︎ and try a fixie bike.

I would like to refer to such a person, so I introduced it this time.

Of course, those who are riding on a normal completed car or Leader® but wants to make this kind of specification is welcome.

Please feel free to ask BROTURES Harajuku.

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