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In this blog, about Dosnoventa Neo Tokyo, which was customized at the Harajuku store.

Immediately, I will introduce the frame NEO TOKYO, which is the base of this time.

This frame, the top model among the many Dosnoventa frames, is famous for being a full carbon material.

It is a frame worthy of the name NEO TOKYO because of its lightness and durability, as well as the beauty of the appearance.

This time, I finished such NEO TOKYO in custom with a sense of speed.


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BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 90,000 + TAX


Choose T3 baton wheels and F rims with impact on this frame like DOSNOVENTA!

This choice is to make this light frame even lighter.

Every time I customize this sense of speed that is transmitted just by looking at T3.

I also make a wheel custom that looks various,

After all, I don't feel like the functionality of T3 and the unique appearance!

For the rear wheel, choose an F rim from the hub.

Not only the performance of the carbon rim, but also the hub of the PHILL WOOD that does not break even with no maintenance.

The rotation performance and durability performance are also perfect.

In addition, there are many parts that are packed with sticks, so I will introduce them.

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ROTOR VEGAST ¥ 66,400 + Tax

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DEDA DABAR ¥ 22,600 + Tax

DEDA SUPERLEGERO RS Stem ¥ 22,600 + Tax

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Fabric Scoop Pro ¥ 19,000 + Tax

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ONE BY ESU Light on Brake Front/Rear ¥ 35,000 + TAX

To take advantage of the speedy appearance of NEO TOKYO and T3 carbon wheels

ROTOR VEGAST with an impressive disk -shaped appearance, lightweight, and excellent rigidity on the crank.

I ran with a light stepping comfort, giving it a sense of speed in both appearance and undercarriage.

The handle parts were unified with DEDA, and the royal road bullhorn DABAR was installed to enjoy the slope in Tokyo.

Not only can you row strongly, but also a carbon material, so it absorbs the impact on your arm.

No matter how fast you get, if you put a burden on the buttocks, you can get on, so the saddle has recommended parts.

Fabric. Not only comfort, but also a simple appearance goes well with any frame.

After pursuing the ease of running, I want to stick to the brakes.

Aluminum -cut brake parts suitable for beautiful frames ONE by ESU

The Harajuku store is the light -on -brake.

This time, this time, I introduced a custom bike of NEO TOKYO.

I want to customize the appearance that seems to be quick like this time,

I want to ride in a slightly more rough style

Please tell us your image!

To make a custom car body more than your ideal

We will cooperate with all your might, so thank you!

We look forward to your contact.

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