Not popular for my favorite parts

Hello. This is TOSHI.
Today, I want to be dissatisfied or convinced.
It's not a recommendation or that, it's a one -sided push.

The content is according to the title.
I'm Kore! I can't sell the parts I purchased.
Good thing. If I didn't sell, I thought I would buy it, but I got a tingling around Mizoo.
I wonder if that is no good. After all it is out of order?
No, sign! ! Customers are bad or good, so let them do whatever you want! (Emotion x)

There is still a little LO Pro at the store.
It's a waste. Let me assemble!


Yeah, I was a little mature.
No, this simpler doesn't get tired. The frame is unique.

Personally, I like the feeling of being uncontrolled without mixing with classical or lacy.
This time, there is a feeling of putting it on, but it is a key point.

The concept is "from commuting to a little trick."

This is not just a custom but also how to ride, but I don't really like fixing the genre.
I wrote commuting, but I would go shopping as it was, and I could go to the trend with my friends.
It naturally became like this when I adopted a piste bike seamlessly in everyday life.
This depends on the way of thinking, but I guess it's more of my own life than a bicycle -based lifestyle.

Then, in a relatively relaxed position, tough parts are better.
The handle is my favorite TRIGON -chan.
When I was silently purchased, I didn't miss my boss Junki.

TRIGON Free Ride Carbon Handle Bar

A 25.4mm carbon rizer is a galapagos handle left behind in the times.
The car will evolve its own.

By making the handle and saddle around the body as carbon parts, it becomes more comfortable due to vibration absorption. I feel.
I don't know.
However, handling and dancing are definitely lighter, so there are certainly benefits.

Recently, my boom is a carbon seat post with such aero feeling on a steel bike.
Because it looks like a chimera.


The wheel is also my tiger child.
Is the combination itself a relatively standard?
The AT-25 of the rim is a dare HLH color. At the same time, the pual hub is not polished but dull silver.
The front is a small flange, so it's refreshing, right?
It's a classic, but I like it a little in color and shape.

H Plus Son AT-25 HLH x Paul Track Hub Custom Wheel

Yeah, I guess it was a good feeling.
Anyway, this will not resonate.
I know.
Okay, even if you don't accept everyone.
If this custom stabs, you have the few you know.


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