Reheat, VIGORELLI popular!

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today's blog is introduced by VIGORELLI STEEL.

Recently, I often order whether this frame is becoming popular again.

It's a good frame. I also ride every day, but it's really comfortable.

Although it is a chromoly frame, it is slightly different from ordinary chromoly and is quite thin.

The fork uses a full carbon fork to make it easier to get top speed by reducing the front.

Thanks to that, the aluminum frame is as light as I think, and you can enjoy the softness peculiar to the chromoly.

In short, it's a good thing. Such a frame is ¥ 115,500-INTAX, so it's really dangerous.

Because it is CINELLI, it is also a nice point to use a Columbus pipe.

It's sad to think that this frame will be gone. I think it's a good frame to buy.

For example, it is good to try this frame like this.

Set SHRED88, which has both ruggedness and lightness before and after. Then the running comfort will be better.

Because it is a mat carbon, the frame stands out and is well finished in a well -looking.

There is almost no stock here, so it will be reserved again, so be as soon as possible.

The handle is set with the highest peak carbon brand "enve".

This handle is a really good guy that both Fujimoto and Narumi praise. If you use it, you can see the reason for the price.

I don't think or think about ordering next year.

I think there are many people who are really expensive.

I wonder if such people can be affordable first. Ritchey can be affordable and lightweight.

It is cool because it does not become too heavy by making it silver.

Such a custom is also good.

If you want to attach good parts but want to lower the cost as much as possible, this way is an ant.

I would like you to refer to it.

Frame: CINELLI VIGORELLI Steel Frame Set ¥ 115,500-INTAX


Handle: ENVE ROAD COMPACT Drop Bar ¥ 51,480-INTAX

Stem: Ritchey C220 Silver Stem ¥ 9,900-INTAX

Crank: Blue Lug RMC Crank Set ¥ 16,280-INTAX


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