Indomitable masterpiece. Tyrant Bikes Kag...

The focus of Horizon Blue, which I mentioned the other day, is more than I can imagine.

We have received an order request and consultation far beyond expectations.

BROTURES We dared to change the concept of each store and create an exhibition vehicle.

By all means, please compare the photos of Instagram and consider it.

JAPAN LIMITED "DARK SILVER" came with such a new color that gained popularity.

This color released from the previous lot is used for the sample 10 years ago when Kagero was born.

Model commemorating the 10th anniversary"Horizon Blue"

Reproduced the 1st lot 10 years ago"Dark Silver"

This deployment Kagero fans should be unbearable. I want to get both of them if possible. smile

And today, I introduced Dark Silver's custom bike. It was a short -term introduction from the previous Blue, but Kagero is a bit Hiki because it will entertain the kumper. smile

Tyrant Bikes Kagero Dark Silver Custom Bike

The point to pay attention to this time is the hub built into the front and rear wheels.

MACK Track Hub Brotures LTD F \ 95,700- / R ¥ 99,000- (in Tax)

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The MACK hub finished with BROTURES F rim is the same color.

MACK hub coloring is famous as a gem that is hard to get even for free, but this gray is very rare. To be honest, we saw it for the first time in this arrival. Lol In addition, it is a Uniikura Daigon bowl with a brotures collaboration.
I can't stand the MACK hub that matches this Dark Silver with the same color.

And the other point is the chain.

Of course it's good? Because the hub was decided like this, even if you use Black or Silver on theory Street. But there is Tenkai. I want playfulness.

KMC K1SL Chain Gold ¥ 5,610- (in Tax)

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One gold that shines in the ALL note tone.

I personally have been addicted to this combination for 3-4 years.

It's not unpleasant, exquisite removal, and rugged.

To be honest, there are many better chains if you want performance.

I tried IZUMI V chain and Vertex gold, but I need to be this. Clean gold. This is important.

In addition, we have assembled with an incredible finish, such as the famous player DA BAR of the past, and the Brotures Rip crank that arrived at the same time as Kagero.

This Kagero has been introduced in a row at a rapid pace.

Which do you like Horizon Blue, Dark Silver?

Both custom bikes are also on display, black and gold of lots of lots.

I want to ride Kagero from now on! This lineup is to want everyone who thinks so, as well as the current Kagero owner.

In such a time, we are looking forward to your visit with all the people to prevent the spread of infection.



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