Choose a custom car from an online site.

When I was riding a motorcycle, I longed for custom. Now I switched to a fixie and got off the bike, but I have a new one and I want to customize it.

Of course, the piste is the same. Bicycle parts are easy to get out unlike motorcycles. Rather, there is no resistance from getting out and getting on a custom car.

The online store posts custom cars of genres according to each purpose from the custom bike column. Now that we are getting so many orders, we chose popular custom cars and introduce them.

Leader® 735TR "King of Street"

Popularity should be first place.

It is a flower of Takamine, but the love call is hot. The impact of the appearance and the specifications of each part are first -class products.

This one full of masculinity. This solid feeling that cannot be helped without deviating the line of sight is captivated.

If your wallet is allowed, please consider it.

Leader® 721TR "Contrast"

Surprisingly popular is the 721TR Contrast custom.

Do you like black and silver color schemes? Certainly, in addition to a clean look, it feels sporty by inserting ZIPP.

Because it is a motorcycle that makes you feel the gentleman, it does not collapse in a suit or a rough appearance.

This order is frequently received because it is very simple.

What if you want an adult astringency?

Local Bikes Metro "for every day"

One of the orders from women.

Pronade handle keeps your posture and improves riding comfort. Not only the appearance full of life, but also the tires containing side skin are popular keys.

Women's popularity is inevitably popular in all.

The custom of the fixes is infinite if expanded. The feeling is also fashionable.

How about those who want to enjoy the city riding?

Today's introduction is only a few. One corner of the iceberg. If you have time, please see various things from online. It's pretty interesting.

I don't think it can be custom as listed because the parts stock is small, but we will respond properly with close products.

You can take a lot of time with a custom car based on a custom car.

We are always waiting for orders from online.

Let's make a heart dancing across the longing custom car.


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