Popular Mate X. Actually, even women can ...

Mate.bike who gave birth to Copenhagen, Denmark, the best bicycle city in the world

"I wish this happened more"

Full suspension, built -in battery, wiring technology, etc. The technologies of electric bicycles that have not been introduced in Japan are gathered.

The founder has been using electric bicycles for many years and condensed its impressions into this Mate X.

If you actually work on your hand, you will feel as a bicycle brand loved by men and women of all ages in the near future.

And as described in the title, Mate X is a vehicle that women can enjoy well.

Even if you have a height of 150cm, you can adjust the saddle and handle, so you can enjoy yourself comfortably.

Even women should ride a cool vehicle. Not only men can enjoy.

Please feel free to ask about the ride comfort and color variation for your height.

We always have a test ride and look forward to your visit!

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