HED, please.

The arrival of the wheels is exciting.

If you look at the story of Instagram the other day, you may know. I showed my face a little, but some people were excited, "Well, maybe."

Yes, HED wheels, which have been away for a long time, have arrived.

HED is a bicycle component manufacturer that was born in Minnesota, USA, seeking the highest and fastest. High quality wheels and rims gain absolute trust and are a solid brand that sticks to the United States production.

A new face, JET RC Track, appears from the HED.

This time, only one JET RC4 Track rear arrived at the Yokohama store. The rim hat is 46mm and the exquisite height is 24h. The price is ¥ 110,000- (tax included), well, is it a defeated line?

JET RC Track is a single speed wheel that uses a rim with excellent aerodynamic performance. Everyone loves all -black and presence deep rims.

This model has 60mm height RC6 and 90mm height RC9. Unfortunately, it did not reach the Yokohama store. At present, it is all sold out by the manufacturer, so this is the case. When will the next arrival will be?

In any case, it will be a first -come, first -served basis, so I am lucky to see this blog. Maybe you should contact me immediately.

Why don't you change it to a cool and special wheel to my favorite car?


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