The maximum temperature was 29 degrees in the weather forecast
I was wearing a tie -dye T -shirt
It was insanely criticized.

It seems like I was in a hurry! This is Miya.

By the way, I think some of you already know
One sad news today.

Among the original products of BROTURES
Upon high specs, high -spec,
And it's always a longing for Leader®︎ rider.

BROTURES T3 Pro Carbon WHEEL ¥ 110,000 (Intax)


It has been decided to be out of print.

It is discontinued in the current stock in the world.
If you miss it, you will never get it again.

By the way, it is also popular

BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 99,000 (Intax)

The difference is "the shape of the baton".

"Pro" has a more aero -shaped aerodynamic aerodynamics.
I would like to describe the area later.

The final production of T3 Pro is limited to one limited set.
We have also arrived at Brotures Kichijoji store.

I immediately customized it, so
The flower path of the name product that played a part of the history of BROTURES
Please do not see it to the end.

Leader 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 586,000 (Intax)

Well, there is nothing to say. That's true.

If you just say a word, it is "senseless".

Even so, I have to say something
"I'm motivated !!"
I'm going to write various things.

Speaking of BROTURES's "SHRED" carbon wheel series
Geki -Shibu face with a matte expression similar to the Leader frame color.
The solid feeling, luxury, and the terrible appearance.

Even if you do your best and spin your words
After all, you will eventually lose your vocabulary. Such custom.

It's simple and cool.

The other day, it's not the "What is a fixie?"
If you are asked, "What is cool?"

And the charm of T3 Pro, which is not just "cool", is
After all, the specifications.

There is no running rotation (direction of travel) in the symmetrical design T3.
T3 Pro has it.

The shape of the spoke is wanting to fly on the plane,
The thicker one is before, the thinner is behind.

(The front and rear are the same shape.)

Receive and flow. It is a form that enhances the efficiency of
The 735TR down tube and seat post are exactly the same shape.
In other words, if you rush to "run fast", you will be able to reach this form uniformly.

In addition, these three batons also have an air -mechanical surface area (wet area) in contact with the air.
It is a design to reduce the air resistance that always hits while driving.
As a result of analyzing air mechanical characteristics using CFD (numerical fluid dynamics)
There is also a scientific evidence that this shape is the most ideal.

rest assured.
I don't know what I'm saying.
Anyway, it's amazing.

seeing is believing.

In fact, if it's a truck world tournament, the players have basic baton wheels.

Of course, to use this on town riding
There may be voices saying "Overpec" or "Kasumi uses".

On the other hand, I want to make a loud voice.

Overpec is a romantic. and.

Complicated reality If you are such a smart and naughty customer, please go to Broturs Kichijoji store.


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