"Custom" with the first bike of memories

Hello everyone, this is a coater.


Recently, I feel that the number of people riding a bicycle (probably commuting or going to school), not only on roads and fixes, has increased.

Looking at those people at the time of commuting, I was worried that many people did not do gloves unexpectedly, so I will share it with everyone.

Isn't it cold? smile

I hate cold, so I'm definitely a gloves promoter.


Well, aside from such a story

Today we will introduce my first bike "Leader® 721TR Orange"!

I thought about how to make a custom group only for the color and frame that was packed with thought, but when I first purchased it, the problem of "budget" was the best, so this time " Custom ".

The whole picture looks like this.

Leader® 721TR W/Encore ¥ 189,200-Tax included

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The basics are based on the finished car, but you still want to customize the wheels, right?

From my personal thoughts, only the front wheel was Encore. smile

Moreover, surprisingly rare (?) Silver color!

Encore Silver Front ¥ 79,200-

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It's cool and cool, even if it's black, but it's a bit tasty.

Originally, I have the character of "I don't want to wear people", and I basically wear used clothes. Of course I like new, but ....


I was born with such thoughts, so I still want to make a piste bike that lives together.

If you have a budget, you have a full custom option, but this time the budget is only a theme, so it is a choice like this!


But how about?

Does the atmosphere change at all?

735TR completed car is about 200,000 yen, this custom 721TR

Even though I feel like this custom"200,000 under"It fits in.

The story changes again if "the frame is absolutely 735TR", but if you want to ride Leader®︎ and want to customize it from the beginning, one hand is to reduce the price with a base body like this time. is.

Decide where you prioritize!


Of course, it is possible to "replace" to 735TR and other frames in a few years like me, so please remember in one corner of your head that you can do that.


If you are worried, please feel free to contact us from the following.

We look forward!




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