Sugino products are likely to be the last...

BROTURES, Sugino, the three families of the bicycle world

This global Corona shock does not match the balance between demand and supply, and it is currently not possible to order.

SUGINO 75 crank series, which is particularly popular among the lineups.

The arm made using the 7075 aluminum is very hard and conveys the rowing power without loss.

Above all, this brave beauty beauty is a man. Simple & rugged.

Therefore, in this difficult time, the BROTURES Harajuku store was very popular at the most popular Sugino 75 direct drive.

SUGINO 75 DD2 Crankset ¥ 89,100 ~ Tax included

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If you look only at the price, it feels high, but a chain ring equivalent to 30,000 yen and a BB equivalent to 20,000 yen are set.

Therefore, those who have not yet touched on the drive line can just buy this item and have everything.

crank? Chain ring? BB? I don't know which one to use. Such a person is recommended.

And this time only two silver will be available. It is a first -come, first -served basis.

SUGINO 75 DD2 Crank Set Silver ¥ 85,800 ~ Tax included

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It is a little cheaper than BLACK, so it is a great deal, and silver is more rare.

Fortunately, the manufacturer says that it will arrive the next week.

Please order and make a reservation to the following.

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