Is there such a custom?


In today's blog, I did a rare custom in the custom of the fixie bike as the title suggests.

I would like to introduce you!

The custom of the piste bike has no rules, and it is a good place to be free.

This custom is a completely city -riding specification!

I think the goodness of a fixie bike is its simplicity!

There are many people who use it as part of fashion, so many people ride for city riding!

Then, it is an introduction of a custom bike that has been used as a city ride!

This time I used the base of "Leader®︎" in front of "Angelino"! !

Leader® Angelino PTG Compelte ¥ 143,000 (in Tax)

The only "steel frame" of the current Leader®︎! !

It looks slim and falls forward and looks good! !

* Reservations for the next arrival are now available!

And here are custom parts! !

Handle Nitto Hi-Bar ¥ 10,450 (in Tax)

Basket WALD 157 Giant Delivery ¥ 13,200 (in Tax)

・ Leader®︎ Angelino Custom Bike ¥ 166,650 (in Tax)

I put a basket like this and made it a town ride!

You can now put your luggage on it, making it easier to go shopping! !

Because it is a frame that is downward, we chose the handle with high rising riding to easily ride!

Now you can get on your posture so you can get on!

If you are considering buying a bicycle in the future, why not put a fixie bike an option? ?

Ayumu the daddy.

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