There is one super rare.

Isn't there a Japanese person who doesn't know?

"Panasonic", a major electronics manufacturer representing this country

One of the divisions is Panasonic Cycle Tech, which is introduced today.

It is a brand that has a wide range of electric bicycles, commonly known as mamachari, and other sports bikes.

I also make a frame to receive NJS certification in track racing.

Especially, tourists are common before the Corona shock occurs, especially in Europe.

"Is there a Panasonic NJS frame?"

"I want to buy a BRIDGESTONE bicycle as a souvenir"

I received many such voices.

A major domestic brand that is much more popular in other countries than the image of Japanese people.

Here is a bicycle that Panasonic Cycle Tech is made to order.

NJS Panasonic Track Bike

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The first notable is the logo.

The Panasonic logo that I often see in this country looks like this.

However, this time it is a finish with a super rare font design.

A few years ago, I once saw it in the Internet search, but I would like to meet the real thing.

Furthermore, 53cm in golden size. Speaking of the size of each brand, it is equivalent to M size.

Furthermore, for this bright blue, the plating fork is too fashionable.

It is decided by this one to set up on this frame.

H Plus Son AT-25 Polish ¥ 8,800 tax included

Paul Track Hub Polish ¥ 28,380 Tax included

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The slender classical frame is more sublimated.

The AT-25 is recommended because it is hard to touch while it is a thin rim and cospa is good.

Other parts look like this.

NITTO CT-2 STEM ¥ 19,030 Tax included

Nitto B201 Handle ¥ 3,300 tax included

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This frame, NJS is all one point.

Sold off. If you are worried, please feel free to contact us.

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