The continuous order of LA has arrived.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today's blog was mentioned in the title, but about Los Angeles of Dosnoventa.

I received the order of LA at the same time as I aimed, so I would like to check it together.

Everything was finished in a good feeling, and this frame was cool.

I'll tell you earlier. Everything is black.

Then from the first one.

A custom that adds a color while interweaving silver parts.

You choose the popular Nitto for Shred Bar for the handle.

This handle has already disappeared from the store. It is a handle that is really often chosen.

The price is reasonable and the looks when you are riding a moderate rise will make you look cool and easy to ride.

This handle is such a handle that can be used at any time if you have one.

This person can upload the headset.

Chris King, a famous brand that does not require explanation. The color is abundant and can be adjusted to various frames.

If you change this, it is definitely a part, so please do it.

Frame: DOSNOVENTA LOS LOS Angeles Frame Set \ 163,900-INTAX

Handle: Nitto for Shred Bar \ 8,140-INTAX

Headset: Chris King Dropset2 ¥ 20,900-INTAX

Crank: Brotures Rip Crank Set ¥ 26,400-INTAX

Next, the second one looks like this.

The base is black. However, the overall parts choice is outstanding, so it can be run more.

The grip is a bar tape style for Thomson's lightweight aluminum rizer. I am also a bar tape group.

ENVE's bar tape is recommended for the mochi mochi and grip power.

Also, if you have a bar tape, you can adjust the tape tension and length according to your taste.

This baton wheel of novacorona has a good design. And the rigidity is lightly properly.

It is also possible to select the gross finish and matte finish and receive an order, and this person is gross type.

I think it's a pretty cool finish that matches well with the frame.

Frame: DOSNOVENTA LOS LOS Angeles Frame Set \ 163,900-INTAX

Handle: Thomson Trail Alu Riser Bar ¥ 13,200-INTAX

Bar tape: ENVE BARTAPE ¥ 4,994-Intax

Wheel: NovaCorona TRE BATON WHEEL ¥ 110,000-INTAX

The last is a bit different again.

This person is choosing track drops. The brand is unified in Europeans in DEDA.

DEDA components are basically made of aluminum or carbon very lightly.

So it is a recommended brand because it can be quite lightweight custom even on affordable lines.

This person is focusing on the crank. Select Sugino 75 DD2.

This crank is the second generation of SUGINO's direct crank. There were some unpopular parts of the predecessor DD, such as sounding.

However, this DD2 has also been resolved and evolved into a truly good crank.

The chain ring is also equipped with ZEN as standard equipment, and it costs a little more than that.

Frame: DOSNOVENTA LOS LOS Angeles Frame Set \ 163,900-INTAX

Crank: Sugino 75 DD2 Crank Set 102,300-INTAX

Handle: DEDA PISTA TRACK DROP ¥ 7,480-Intax

Stem: DEDA PISTA STEM ¥ 10,120-Intax

How was it.

All are unique and good custom.

We are also waiting for maintenance and custom!


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