The second NJS frame was stocked.

It is finally the start of the second installment.

BROTURES's NJS Custom Series, which gained popularity.

The last box logo BRIDGESTONE, LEVEL, and haste sold out.

* Actually, this ice blue BS is in stock again

A hybrid one that sets up carbon wheels on the NJS chromoly frame is also good.

The stylish finish that is respectful to the good old style is also good. No rule.

And this time, "EIMEI" has first appeared in the BROTURES NJS series.

NJS Custom Bike "Eimei"

A luxurious rug frame with pearls.

Luxuriously, BROTURES original T3 Carbon WHEEL and NITTO CT-2, commonly known as "Jaguar Stem"

In addition, a high -spec one finished with Sugino75 crank.

BROTURES T3 Carbon Wheel Front ¥ 99,000/Rear ¥ 104,500 (tax included)

NITTO CT-2 STEM ¥ 19,030 (tax included)

SUGINO 75 Track Crank Black ¥ 39,600 (tax included)

If such a car runs around the city, you will just chase with your eyes. I'm impressed by "I don't know." smile

It is ant to change the handle to a more relaxed one, attach a basket and ride with a cruiser specification.

Due to various NJS frames, custom -made frames, there is only one stock for each.

Sold off. It is a first -come, first -served basis.

Please feel free to purchase by phone, e -mail, and Instagram DM.

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