Reborn of Brahmon.

By the way, the shop across the road was being replaced.
It became a stylish apparel shop for ladies.

A natural taste shop, a female staff with a lovely and lovely atmosphere that I love is dazzling.
You may have improved your eyesight. This is Miya.

Today, I broke the NJS custom I introduced earlier and tried to reborn.

BARAMON NJS Custom Bike ¥ 232,000 (Intax)

The custom price when I used this ballamon to a blog before
It was ¥ 382,500 (intax), so
This time, we reduced the weight of 150,000 yen or more.

Click here for the previous custom.

Although the price was greatly reduced in terms of price
It's not that it's cheap or bad.

What can be cheap is good.

VENO set in riser bar
It is ¥ 3,630 (Intax) for oversized (already cheap at this point)
The size of this clamp diameter of 25.4 will be even cheaper
The price is surprising ¥ 2,530 (intax)!
If it is a TV shopping, it is a super cospa handle that increases the number of operators and corresponds.

By the way, here is the goodness and charm of this guy.

OURY MOUNTAIN GRIP ¥ 1,980 (Intax)

OURY's mt.grip with light colors is resistant to deterioration due to sweat and sunlight.
The feature is that it is difficult to get sticky even after a long period of time.
Click here if you want to do a sticky grip.

Continental Gatorskin ¥ 7,150 (Intax)

Conversely, the tires that I didn't really want to give up even if I dropped the price.

Recently, my opinion has already been biased
To customize with a low budget, go on the tires first. I think

It changes ridiculously. Running.

Is the guitar skin you chose this time for the fix? I think
Tires that are durable and fully performance.
However, it rolls overwhelmingly compared to normal tires,
The slick feeling when skid is also very pleasant.

At worst, let's do this just the rear tires.

Blue Lug RMC Crank Set ¥ 16,280 (Intax)

The RMC crank with a stable feeling as usual, the simple taste is good.
It also matches the coloring ballamon without difficulty. As expected.

By the way, the stylish crankcap made of brass, which is a moderate claim at the center

It is sold separately, but it can be customized for Black/Silver.
One set ¥ 1,980 (Intax) and affordable.
If you are worried, please order.

Above, while keeping the place to be suppressed
The simple pin that has been pressed firmly is completed!

First of all, it is a custom that allows you to feel the goodness of the frame as it is.

Baramon is the most noticeable body of the NJS frame that is currently in the current NJS frame.
If you are interested, please take this opportunity!


1-1-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino City, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00