I like cameras who like pistos

My camera itinerary is a little strange.
What I love now is Sony's α7RⅢ. I was too stretched.
And the lens is an old lens play specification when Voigtlander.

This is a lens that manually matches the manual focus, but
Usually, it is a combination that people who have auto focus lenses on the main play sometimes play.
But I only have this. To be precise, I only used this.
(By the way, SONY has a very high autofocus technology.

There are many reasons, but I want to focus on where I want in Donpisha, and there are great benefits to miniaturization.
Since the focus is manual, of course, I can't take a picture with a rhythm, but I never feel inconvenient.

Rather, taking time and effort increases the time to face the subject, which is an opportunity to understand deeply.
I like that time, so I finally realized that I bought and sold various cameras.
I tried to buy a film camera with Contax 139 Quartz, but it was super fun.
After noticing this, the good and badness of the image came to be second.

I've been riding a fixie somehow since I was a junior high school student, but oh, it's close to this feeling.
I think many people are similar.
People who like fixes and film cameras find more fun than the results.

If you just want to take beautiful photos, you can take some expensive equipment.
If you just want to run fast, you can run to some extent if you buy a high road bike.

High -performance things are useful, but I feel like I'm skipping the fun process.
There is no room for personal emotions to enter there.
I want you to choose a backbone, thoughts, tastes, and the fixes for such a very personal reason.

I think it's okay to stop here because it's long, but I'm going to introduce one that's perfect for today's topic.

Maqli Tokyo

If you update the bicycle racing culture to the city ride, it would be such a piste bike.
A slender and beautiful rug frame. I just made the brake attached.
that's all. That's good.

Handmade by active bicycle racing frame builder.
A very simple motorcycle with no transmission or suspension.
This is a fix.

It's the process of moving, the process of assembling, and in terms of exaggeration, life is the process of dying.
I think the result it brings is good.


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