For the future 100 years later.

A roady person who comes across a commuting route recently.
I wear cycline jackets in a suit, and it has a pretty crunchy atmosphere.
That is a more cool "hand signal".

"Hand signal" is something
I had an image that I wanted to go a little
The movement of that person is good and good.

what is that? For

Road Traffic Law 3 Hand signals and eight hand signals that you want to remember if you ride a bicycle

Please take a look at the type of hand signal on this site.
I rarely use it, but I think it will be different if you know it.

This is Miya.

Today is about Mate Bike, which is currently highly recommended. Mate X 250 ¥ 330,000 (Intax)

Since the arrival of last fall last fall, it has been several months from Kichijoji store.
Mate bike, which had disappeared, was finally restocked.

A special movie by Yosuke Kubotsuka, an actor of Mate Bike ambassador, was also released.

The comment "For the future 100 years later" is impressive.

The aspect of suppressing carbon dioxide discharge due to car movement
It is also useful as a means of transportation in the event of a disaster, so it is used as a disaster prevention infrastructure.
From 2017, the Bicycle Utilization Promotion Law has also been enacted.
Indeed "Transfer means recommended by the country "The bicycle movement that became.

An era where each person has to start something for the conservation of global environment.
Moving bicycles that do not discharge any CO2 when driving
Just for the future 100 years from now
A valuable action that we can do so that we can easily work on it.

Even in the event of "in the event of a disaster"
A few years ago, the train was suspended on the day after the typhoon, the car was congested, and the bus had a long line.
In a chaotic situation, I have some experience that I managed to go to the company because I had a bicycle.

For those who do not ride every day, it is a "stick that does not fall."

The story is back, but Denmark, the birthplace of Mate Bike.
In Copenhagen, which promoted high environmental awareness and a livable city planning
The closer to the center of the city, the more areas where car invasion is restricted.
It is a stance of walking, train, or by bicycle.
The hierarchy of the car is the lowest,
(Even though I recommend bicycle movement) It's the opposite image of Japan.

Against that background, many of the population working in the city travel by bicycle from home to work every day.
And there are many traditional cobblers in the city, and some rough roads are noticeable.

In such an environmentYou can run comfortably on the paved road and off -road
In addition, relatively long -distance movement
The birth of Mate Bike, which made it possible, is no longer inevitable.

Sophisticated modern design like Scandinavian,
Being eco -friendly, comfortable

High -dimensional fusion of high -priority elements in enriching daily life,
E-Bike, which is at the forefront of the times. That is Mate Bike.

The other day, the high performance is close to the Kichijoji store.
I have experienced it at Inokashira Park.
You can check the pattern from this blog.

Experience at Kichijoji, next generation e-bike "Mate-X"

And I would like you to test drive and experience this Mate bike.

If you can run comfortably without asphalt and off -road, Mate Bike
It will bring you the best experience to remove the boundaries between the city and nature.

And because it's such a highbrid motorcycle
A city where the nature that can extend the boss and the miscellaneous city are mixed.Here at Kichijoji
It's best to experience the Mate Bike potential

By all means in this season when the cheerful spring is comfortable
Please come to test drive Mate Bike.

We look forward to your visit.

Then again!

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