Good tires are coming in.

Immediately, I came to the Harajuku store.

While maintaining maintenance work every day, we talk with many customers, such as various parts custom.

I want to change the cog and change the gear ratio, I want to change the steering wheel and ride in a comfortable posture,

I want to make a carbon wheel and to make it look cooler and look cool.

Many people want to improve their running performance as well as upgrades the appearance by customizing the parts.

If you customize the drive line such as wheels, cranks, chains, etc. directly connected to the run,

Next time, why not stick to the tires?

Speaking of tire replacement, there are many people who have been punctured or replaced after the riding tires have been worn for a long time,

I think the image of custom is still small.

I was ashamed, so I had been so.

However, it changed after knowing the difference in rotational performance (ease of rolling) and durable performance depending on the tires.

As you can see, changing tires will turn to a more comfortable running comfort than ever before.

A good tire with excellent durability will not be able to puncture and will not be replaced immediately.

If you are skids with fixed gears, durable performance is even more important.

And introduce two recommended tires that came in this time.

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Continental Gatorskin ¥ 6,500+tax

GATORSKIN is particularly famous among the fixes.

I think most people who do skids use this for rear tires.

Because the Duraskin sheet with a polyalamide fiber that is resistant to rubbing is placed outside, it is placed outside.

It is very good for durability and more than other tire brands that are said to be strong in skids

Because it has excellent driving performance, the running comfort is outstanding.

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Continental Grand Prix 5000 ¥ 8,200+TAX

The GRND PRIX 5000, which is active in a wide range of races and city riding, is the lightness of tires and

Due to the reduction of rolling resistance, it can run faster and more comfortably, and for trusted Continetal.

It is a high -performance tire that is durable.

In addition, it adopts the technology called Active Comfort Technology

It also has shock absorption performance.

If you attach it to the front tires, you can absorb the impact on your arms and can ride a more comfortable long distance.

In fact, even during the Harajuku store glue pride during this time, those who replaced the tires before running

"Changing the tires will change so much riding."

If you are not satisfied with the current ride, maybe if you replace the tires,

You may be able to experience the unprecedented running comfort.

We look forward to your visit, telephone and SNS.

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