SUPER73 is available only for one!

It's been a year since Japan's first landing.
SUPER73 was dominant as an innovative e-bike.
The first arrival was out of sale since it was sold out immediately, but it has finally arrived!

Super73 SG1 (JP specification) Black
Super73 SG1 (JP specification) White

That said, this time it is almost sold out with the reservation. 。
We managed to prepare only one stock at the store!
If you miss this, you will be ordered again by reservation, so if you are looking for it, please do it as soon as possible!
By the way, you can get home on the day you purchase.

An iconic design with a powerful electric assist, a 4 -inch stable tire, and a 70's mini bike.
A monument that built a new genre like an urban adventure instead of an electric assist car with an extension of mamachari.
Come to you who don't want to compromise your lifestyle even if you take one bicycle.


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