Don't worry for distant people!

"I want to ride a piste bike or e-bike, but there is no shop nearby."

"I don't have my favorite frame."

I think that there are many people who are worried.

Please be assured that such distant people.

BROTURES can deliver "nationwide" anywhere.

By the way, of course, you can deliver a fixie bike, but e-bike can actually be mailed.

Due to the size, etc., it will be sent in a box, but it is easy to assemble.

If you have any questions in the assembly, please contact us by phone.

We will support you so that you can assemble well!

The shipping cost differs depending on the area where you live, so please contact us when making inquiries.


And this time, I would like to tell you that you can mail it.

After all, we have a lot of voices saying "I want to embark immediately", so we are preparing a body that can be handed over the same day so that we can respond.

However, the number is limited, so I have such inquiries every day and sell out on the same day.

If you are considering, please contact us first.

We look forward to your consultation.

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