A gem given to a mania named a pervert.

There are a certain number.
A metamorphosis who can drink alcohol with parts as an appetizer.
I understand my feelings. I don't do that.

Although it is a functional beauty, you can be ecstatic just by looking or touching excellent industrial products.
Today we are introducing such parts.

Runwell Elite Hub Nut

Hubnuts are available from Runwell, which is familiar with collaboration with Brotures.
It is not a part that needs to be replaced, but if you pick it up, you will not want to release it.

"M9, M10 screw pitch 1mm made by shaving round bars, hub nuts with washer.
Not only is it designed to improve the compatibility with a 10mm thick RUNWELL hub nut wrench, but a wide taper on the head of the hub nut is provided so that the wrench can be applied more smoothly. Then, cut off all the waste that can be shaved, achieving the lightest in the industry. The distance from the contact surface with the end to the screw is the shortest. A 24 -hour salt water sprayer test is repeatedly conducted to demonstrate the surface treatment method that is resistant to rust and does not crush the nut screws. Depending on the manufacturer and design of the frame, the folk end is recessed, the claws are popping out and the nuts are not addicted (it is difficult to fuck), so it is designed as much as possible. "

It is designed to fit various motorcycles physically and visually.
Carbon forks such as LEADER may not be able to use a large washer nut.
It depends on the length of the hub shaft, but it seems to be useful when attaching a rack.

It is only Japan's pride to pack this gimmick and heat in a small nut that is only 2cm.
I want to say this with the largest respect.

Runwell is the most perverted!


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