I'll do it! Garage sale ②

In the future, from bicycle assembly to customer service
I would like to make effective use of the spells.
I would like to use the art -type reversal "Ha" on the weekend, so please give me a look.

Apparently, the store may blow away on weekends! This is Miya.

By the way, today is the event information blog that continues to be yesterday.

BUROTURES Kichijoji store, this weekend (5/29, 30)
I will do a garage sale! ! !

I will finally do it. I will do it.
For the last 10 days, it was a storm of used products in Hisabisa.
It was a storm or guerrilla. Unpredictable at all.

And at this time
I want to release the products accumulated in the reservoir at once.

This blog is the second night, the second night of the project to "show" the contents of the worrisome content for two consecutive nights.

A remarkable face of mania.
Don't miss it.

First, let's go from here by checking the small hand.

Needless to say, the male of lightweight small parts.
Made of full carbon and lightweight.
Metal powder is used for teeth and durability is perfect.

Of course, the body is even lighter, but
Outstanding chain line can be given from the high accuracy lined up in Sugino.

And it is a by -product unique to carbon, but the sound is reduced.
Goodbye to the sound of "gacha gacha" and "chathari" that tends to be a chain problem.

The pattern is marble.
It is recommended for the design that matches any body.

The next is this.

It's one of the few domestic rim brands.

Unrelated to sporty and large designs that are often found in high -performance rims
It is a minimal and sharp complaint.

And the body is polished, but the rim surface is carved thinly with CNC cutting.
The effect of the brake is also good vibes

Originally it is a relatively inexpensive rim
One that coexists in the dimensions with high looks, strength and accuracy.

It is a front and rear set.

Both the front and rear are the hubs of the hub.
The rear hub comes with a genuine cog.

And look at this beauty.
Is it really used?
(I guess that's the case in reversal and I'm gradually returning to the new one)

Let's put one car body in here by breaking here.

The traces of fresh baking are the most rugged and tough impression.
When the top tube throws so far
It's no longer BMX rather than a fixie bike.

The feeling of riding is very interesting because it is unlikely to be in other fixes.
One of the people who have been riding a piste so far will definitely try it.

So here.

Because there is just a good video
I will omit the explanation in the text.

Seeing is just like it.

This is the last spurt.

This is coming in.
It can be said for most of the used stocks this time.
This is also a beautiful product with little rubbing and scratches.

This is also a name that often appears in conversations with customers.
There are many items that are looking for.

Regarding its charm and characteristics
Junki, the store manager of Yokohama, explains.Herehere is.

Then it is a raging last spurt.

It exceeds the wheel of "E ● VE" that I showed yesterday
840g with tires, spokes and hubs crowded, total weight.
Some wheels with lightweight, which can be said to be a different dimension
This time, I'm coming in a used one.

This brand based in France is founded in 1973.
It's almost half a century.

It's a common story
The roots are in the production of carbon products related to the car and aerospace industry.
Prior to other companies, we have been focusing on developing carbon wheels for cycling
It is also one of the pioneer brands.

This lightness can no longer be described.
If you say strong, "Everyone will smile".
If this wheel is scattered around the world, I think that war will disappear.

The front hub is genuine & quick release.

Click here for the rear hub.

Finally, I gave out something ridiculous.

No matter how much used product is a storm
As expected, there is no more.




Is there still?

I can't help it.
Then special.

There is always this.


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