Experience at Kichijoji, next generation ...

This year's feet have quite a lot of Nike.
I tend to leave the sneakers that are rugged when I ride a fix
Let's buy it after a long time.

This is Miya.

By the way, today, the departure of Denmark
Unprecedented, the concept of the coolest e-bike
About "Mate.bike"!

Mate X 250 ¥ 330,000 (Intax)

Even in Japan, we have been crowdfunding for some time
Products tailored to the Japanese legal system (because the regulations of electric bicycles in Japan are different from overseas)
I have been aiming for supply.

Production is delayed due to the influence of Corona in terms of timing
Due to global container deficiency even at the shipment stage
It was under unprecedented situation, such as not being able to book.
This time, we have arrived in Japan! !

The delivery period is short from today,
At the Kichijoji store, you can make arrangements immediately if you order!

This time from Mate.bike
The test drive of "Mate-X 250" has arrived.

Mate X 250 (Desert Storm) ¥ 330,000 (Intax)

We will deliver the impressions that took a test drive immediately!

This Mate X 250,
High -performance disc brake, adjustable suspension, punk tire ETC ...
It is E-Bike with the highest specifications equipped with many high-spec functions.

Because you can also go seriously off -road
Needless to say about asphalt in the city!

It is outstandingly comfortable with the smooth acceleration of the electric assist.

In addition, it is common in Japanese roads where the maintenance of bicycle -only roads has not caught up.
"Steps" and "drainage ditches" are not bothered by Mate X punk tires!

And Speaking of Mate, it is possible to fold it.
Not only as a means of transportation, but also on a car on weekends
You can bring it to the activity of campsites and beaches!

The feet here are gravel, soil, the roots of wood (rather thick)
This lightness that I do not care at all!
The exhilaration of running endlessly in nature is the best!

The high -performance suspension is firmly reduced even with a level that requires the stairs.

Again, the electric assist worked well, so I didn't need much power even in a sudden ups and down.

The ride at this time was beautiful and the best cherry blossoms!

That's why
The ability was demonstrated as a hobby that can be played in commuting to work+the best play.

Anyone can test drive at the BROTURES Kichijoji store from today, so
If you are interested, we look forward to it!

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