In today's blog, it is a custom bike introduction with "Encore WHEEL"! !

Baton wheels change in their appearance and riding comfort at a stretch, so it's a wheel that you want to keep.

The reality is that it costs around 100,000 when it comes to carbon baton, so it's hard to get it.

but! The "Encore WHEEL" used in today's custom can be obtained with low prices! !

I'm glad that the color is abundant, and if you want to have an impact on it, it's perfect! !

If you are considering the body from now on, or if you are worried about it, consider "Encore WHHEL".

What do you think? ?

"Encore WHEEL" will be available in the near future, so if you have the color you want.

Please feel free to contact us! !

Then it is the introduction of the body!

LEADER®︎ 725TR completed car ¥ 150,000 (+tax)

The base is the most historic "725TR" among Leader®︎!

In the current model, the "direct crank" of Leader®︎ is set and upgraded!

・ Leader® 725TR Custom Bike ¥ 210,000 (+Tax)

It looks like this when you assemble it! !

And the custom wheels that we customized this time are "Encore WHEEL"! !

F/Wheel Encore WHEEL ¥ 60,000 (+Tax)

As I mentioned at the beginning, it's nice to have a lot of colors! !

In addition to this "purple", ...

There are various things such as! !

It is a wheel that you want to set up for those who want to play with colors!

The material itself is carbon resin, and the weight is somewhat strength, but it has strength.

It also has the effect of reducing air resistance! !

Even if there is no color you want at the store, we will respond by order.

Please feel free to contact us! !

Ayumu the daddy.

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