Deliver comfortable commuting.

It's getting cooler little by little, but is the bicycle riding on it?

I want to get off the bicycle and go by train. I want to reduce the sweat to flow to the limit.

It is not a line that bicycle users say, but you should have understood your feelings.

At this time, there are still hot days, so I can't be careful. For those who have a long commuting distance and get hot enough to melt., there is still more stock, so why not consider it?

Mate X 250 + Dusty Army

Mate City + Golden Olive

Mate +(plus) arrived from this season. The mileage for full charge is 100km.

Although it is a view that the number of distance is improved, the number of charging times of the battery itself can inevitably reduce the number.

With the effort to reduce the number of charging times, wouldn't it be a long lasting battery? Overcharging electronic devices is unhealthy.

We have ordered every day, but we can still prepare depending on the color.

I want to deliver a comfortable bicycle life. We are waiting for your order.

~ # Good Oba Drama ~

It's about average, but I often see movies. It's one hand, but I put a little impression of the movie I saw during this time.

movie OLD Have you seen anyone? It's been a while since it was released, but I've been looking forward to it.

A long -awaited new work of M. Night Sharaman, which is familiar with many representative works such as "Six Sense" and "Split".

A family who visited the unexplored beach. Mysterious things happen in this place where you enjoyed with the superb view. Growth, aging progresses at an impossible speed, or if you try to get out of the beach, you lose consciousness. What is happening in this place full of mystery? A unique mystery suspense unique to Sharaman.

Not only the ending, but also the mysterious story is completely drawn. Was it inevitable that this family would visit this beach? It is like an escape game, but the throbbing and pounding continued until the end.

The last ending is fun after watching. Please look at the theater and share your impressions.



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