Ryuhei Matsuda is an actor.

The recent pit is a bit crowded by assembling Mate.bike or custom bikes ordered.
The atmosphere is difficult to ask for a mechanic and it is difficult to ask, so I have a wheel with Shikoshiko in the workplace. This is TOAHI.

This week's wheels are also very cool gem.
I feel like I'm saying it's so bitter.
This time (also) is serious!

H Plus Son AT-25 HLH x Paul Track Hub Custom Wheel

Well, it's almost the same as the wheels that I did not come.
However, this time it is a wheel that is twisted like an expert.

The rim is a classic AT-25, but it is a color called HLH.
The color of the logo is black with a gray color.
There aren't many turns, but isn't this cool? I really like it.

H Plus Son AT-25 Archetype Rim

It is a very all -round rim where you can wear thick tires.
Because of the standard, stock is always short.
If you get lost, you want to choose a rim, but if you have stock, it's lucky.

This time the hub is Paul.
I chose a silver with a dull color, not a polished thing that I often see.
Made in USA. It is a hub that is tough and often turned.

I was a little impressed and the front was assembled with a small flange FHUB.
It gives a refreshing impression, a little light, and cheap.
picture? Is there only a good thing?
Maybe I want the most hub right now.

This is a once -in -a -lifetime custom wheel.
It would be great if you could contact us about this blog and want to ask for this.
I put it on the online store, so why not try it for both distant people and those who are not?


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