I encountered an adult gathering in an insect in a nearby park last night.
It seems that you can get any stag beetles.
He showed me the results, but it was a small but certain stag.
That's amazing.

Good evening!
I thought there was no stag in Tokyo! This is Miya.

The other day, it gained popularity with its overwhelming lightweight, despite its low rice.
"CINELLI" is completely sold out.

Is it a "like" model not only in Japan but also worldwide?
Continuous development on the CINELLI truck (single) line
Finally, you only left Gazzetta and Tutto.

What is it?

Come here, or after all
A body with the hottest signs.

CINELLI VIGORELLI STEEL Custom Bike ¥ 360,000 (Intax)


I've introduced it many times before,
It is also famous as a car for Mr. Toriyama at the Osaka store.

In terms of the design of the body, the custom width is wide,
This car body that can strongly reflect the rider's taste,
Even if you try "VIGORELLI" by searching for Brotures blog as a trial
There are really many custom patterns.

That's why it's already a body with a feeling of pushing a lot.
There is only one reason we still push this.

Because it's good

I think it will be there.

So what do we recommend so much about this body?

The point is that


The frame set ¥ 105,000- is a little inexpensive compared to other brands.

The important thing is not cheap,
The frame is made of Columbus in the world, and the fork is a carbon fork.
Moreover, it is also combined with the unique performance of steel and the unique performance of steel.
Riding comfort is comfortable itself,
That means that there is no more potential as a means of transportation.

It realizes a very stressful ride.

(I said twice because it's important.)

Of course, if the parts are composed of cheap ones
You can embark about 100,000 cheaper than this.
The custom I aimed for this time

"I don't feel too much, but it's a good custom."

Among them, the recommended custom point is "underbody".

I will introduce it in order.

Continental GP5000 ¥ 9,020 (Intax)

First, tires.
I've been thinking for a long time
Tires should be more noticeable parts.

That's why this time
"GP5000", which is not an exaggeration to say the most comfortable tires in history, is arranged in front and back set.
Chewing the road surface firmly, rolling up, the cushioning is also wonderful, etc.

All -rounder tires that only praise anyway.

It is the best tires to say sparingly.
If you haven't tried it yet, you want to replace it now.

[USED] SG75DD2 ¥ 68,640 (Intax)

Furthermore, the list price ¥ 85,800 (Intax) is not cheap for flattering.
Because SUGINO's highest peak "SG75 Direct Crank" came in USED
I'll put this on.

The number is 50t, and the state is the finest.
For some reason, USED cranks tend to be unpopular
Everyone, this is really buying.
It's good for USED.

I think this is what "wise shopping" is.


"Drive train is unified with silver"
I also prepared a hidden stick.

Of course, the best high -grade model
“Gold medal”
It must be
Special coating is applied to the world's highest -level accuracy,
This superstar with a smooth chain and a necessary and sufficient durability
This is just the right for me who is not a "high -spec taste".
It doesn't look too much to look too much.

What do you think.
Demonstrates excellent performance for the price,
And VIGORELLI stands in an exquisite position that is not too high in high grade.

There was a component that was not flashy but had solid specifications.
The ultimate "Shiretto custom"

"I don't want to stand out, but I want to ride a good thing."

In a sense, I will send it to you who are most ambitious.


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