Protective Mate City

I watched the last 007 of the Daniel Craig version.
For me, 007 = Daniel Craig, so it seems that there was some hole in my heart.

Apparently, Ana de Armas was completely bothered. This is Miya.

By the way, today is two parts that I want to attach to the popular "Mate City".

Mate City "Defensive" Custom ¥ 319,000 (Tax in)

It was just delivered today, but this time I received an order with this specification.

Here is here.

GIZA PRODUCTS FI-115FR Fender Set ¥ 2,420 (Tax IN)

Mate bike has undecided the arrival time for genuine parts such as fenders and racks.

Of course, you can wait for the genuine arrival, but those who actually run on rainy days
Even so, how about preparing a fender in preparation for sudden rainy weather?

Detail that does not impair the design of the body with a refreshing appearance.

In addition, an exceptional cost performance of 2,000 yen including tax in front and rear set.

Furthermore, it is a nice product that also has one -touch and detachable functionality.
Because it is made of resin and lightweight, it is usually a bag.

If you remove it, it will be so refreshing and simple.

"I want a fender practically, but I don't want to see the purpose ..."

If you are shaking between such ideals and reality, please do here.

one more.

Abus Bordo Big Alarm 6000A 120 ¥ 32,780 (Tax IN)

This is a surprisingly expensive place to go back with a low -cost fender.

For BROTURES customers, the usage rate is No. 1,
A blade rock made by ABUS, a German general security manufacturer.
(Chain lock is popular for pistol bikes)

Even this is so sturdy that the body is honestly heavy.
A special case that can be attached to the body is attached as shown in the photo, so
When carrying, I don't care about the weight of the main unit.

In the first place, because it is a relatively heavy Mate Bike, you do not care about the weight.
The unity of the appearance when installed is no longer a genuine level and cool
Due to such various benefits, it is not an affordable price
Since the launch of the Mate, long -term missing items have become a popular product.

The key is a cylinder type and has a higher security and operability,
In addition, the "Alarm" type that is now introduced can detect vibration and make a warning sound.

This alarm, but when it sounds, it makes a pretty flashy sound.
The hatred bicycle thief will never approach again.

* There is a warning sound, so you can select the settings by simple operation, so
It can be used properly according to the situation.

By the way, how to lock it, but if you only pass through the wheel,
There is also a miserable pattern of removing the wheel and being stolen.
In this case, it is better to use the pillars and the frame to connect.

This time, we have introduced a Defense Mate City for weather and anti -theft.

Please take a look at the Mate Bike user, as well as those who are currently considering.


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