USED ​​Info for once!

I visited the famous Koenji restaurant "Kumo", which I hadn't been to since Corona.
No matter what you ask, it is a delicious sense of stability.
I want to conquer all menus someday.

Awari, the raw material of Awamori was Thai rice ... Miya.

Well, today

Part introduction blog of irregular updates "USED Info for once -in -a -lifetime meetings!"

This time, pick up the wheel.

[USED] AerOSPOKE CARBON WHEEL (Front) ¥ 30,000 (Tax IN)

The phantom carbon baton wheel "AEROSPKE", which has already been produced, is available.

Compared to "Encore", which is currently called the successor



The point is that the surface finish is completely different in this way.

Of course, 5 batons, excellent aerodynamics, overwhelming strength like carbon wheels, etc.
We hold specifications comparable to the current Encore.

About the product status you are interested in
There are few noticeable scratches on the main unit itself, and it is quite beautiful!

However, since only this "logo part" has peeled off, the price is quite reasonable accordingly.
If you have such a piece full mind, please by all means.

As an aside, it is good that the baton wheels have a clear way of this shadow.


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