NEW frame come!

It was a strange weather. Harajuku. Thank you, 4Low. It is sunny, falls down, and sunny Laundry Sayonara Kusso! ! I'm here now, so please come here ^^ Come on, It has finally started to be sold today From Leader Bike's trick line 700c HURRICANE !!
Brotures Harajuku
California signboard FGFS rider "Michael Chacon" signature frame Inherited the goodness of the original FGFS that liked Fixed's unique tricks Adopted classic geometry. A rare chain stay gazette (reinforced material) in the world, The BB standard adopts the mainstream MID BB, Furthermore, while corresponding to 14mm axle hub With a converter that supports a normal 10mm axle hub. Of course, the seat post diameter is also 27.2mm With a converter that supports both the mainstream 25.4mm in BMX! For those who want to have both spin and flying systems like CHACON The best all -round frame♪ Two colors, black and chrome Old 26 "Pharaoh !!
Brotures Harajuku
This is also the same as a chain stay gazette (reinforced material) The BB standard is the mainstream MID BB Converter for 10mm axle hub The seat post diameter is also 27.2mm and 25.4mm with a converter! The leader is Matt Montonya. It is worth notable is the punchy color! Three types of black, chrome, and leopard Leopard is wonderful! ! I will do this. Black and chrome are currently on display at the shop! Come on! !
Brotures Harajuku
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