The reason why Blanks is selected for the...

The first piste bike.
I'm really worried about what to buy and what to buy.
What I would like to tell you now is BLANKS released this year by Local Bikes. This BLANKS body is a recommended body that is perfect for choosing the first body.
Because it's reasonable, it's reasonable and has a lot of color variations. smile

LOCAL BIKES BLANKS completed car ¥ 85,800-tax included

There are three BLANKS base colors!
Black, Orange, Green and color are too good.
I want orange. smile

Is it the reason that many pisto users want a second fixer for the color reminiscent of the Orange of BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4?
There are many people who come to the color of GREEN.
It may be more likely that you will be worried about which color is buying.

I'm very sorry to keep this kind of swing,
Introducing a custom style with Black, the No. 1 popularity of the immovable somehow. smile

It has not been a month since the start of sales, but it is still popular.
Because it is a body that is often selected for the first fixbike, it is easy to match any scene, and the color that does not get tired is popular.
Is this the same for Leader and Dosnoventa!

ADEPT Truss Porter Rack BK ¥ 7,480-Tax included

The price is reasonable, and another feature of BLANKS, which is rich in color variations, is expandability.
Recently, we have received many custom requests for the front truck and rear racks that match the style of commuting.

In fact, only the front truck was customized this time, but the blanks have a dowel hole processed in the stay, so it is possible to attach and move the rear rack like this!

If you put a rack on the front and rear, carry a backpack and go to the sweat on your back.
Of course, don't forget the string to tie your luggage if you attach the front truck!

NITTO HIHI-BAR BK ¥ 10,010-Tax included

KINK ACE GRIP GUM ¥ 1,650-tax included

If you ride a fix in a commuting style, you can easily ride.
This is indispensable.
BLANKS with a riser bar in the genuine setting,
If you want to ride more easier, use HIHI-BAR, which has a high rise.
If you have a wide handle and this height, you won't feel tired even if you ride every day!

Don't forget that the grip has some playfulness according to the rack cargo!

The color scheme of the fine parts is incredibly fashionable, and the price of the parts itself is relatively cheap, so let's customize without compromising!

Of course, this drink holder also chose Orange with that glue.

Drinks are essential items to run around the intense heat!

It is smart to take out and drink smoothly from the drink holder in your eyes without searching in the backpack. smile

Note) The speed comes out only as it is, so please customize the simple riser or drop handle for those who are speeding! smile

Selle San Marco Rolls Le Rino \ 16,500-Tax included

To make use of the slender and beautiful silhouette of BLANKS for the saddle
Set Selle San Marco Rolls.
This saddle has a good ride, but this characteristic pattern is particularly popular.

Gold parts behind the saddle also make the body even more prominent.

YNOT × BROTURES pedal strap ¥ 12,650-tax included

For pedal straps, which are also essential items for those who enjoy with fixed gear,
YNOT, born in Canada, raised in Canada.
I have used this pedal strap, but durability, ease of fucking on my feet,
Everything is very good!
If you plan to replace the pedal strap you are currently using, be sure to choose YNOT.

The feature of BLANKS is that you can customize key points like this.
Riding and custom on fixie bikes are the real pleasure of fun, so
Why don't you choose BLANKS for your first fixie bike and enjoy your own custom?
I'm sure you've been happy to choose BLANKS, and you'll be waiting for you!


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