New friends in Leader Bike & Broturs! This is a big Mentz again. First, Nitraid and Nike SB He is supported by many other brands. On the release date of the collaboration Nike Dunk Hundreds of people make a line in Harajuku. It is a signboard rider of Nitraid SB Speaking of charismatic skaters, this person [Ryuto]
* Click the image to enlarge Produced design Items such as graphics, skate decks, etc. It boasts immense popularity When such a Ryujin forms Leader Bike It looks like this.
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735TR reprinted this year A rainy day dead stock model. This frame, which was no longer sold a few years ago You will almost never see it in Japan. This timeBROTURES wheelOn Michelin Pro3 Race freshly arrived at the front I stabbed fluorescent yellow. To a waterfall on the street The handle is an aggressive bullhorn. It has become one that supports the speedy dragon. A whole photo with a mischievous pose.
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* Click the image to enlarge Then this person. With a transparent sweet voice Provides songs that resonate with your heart Reggae musician. [DOKO] [YURENAGARA] Everyone should be a humming once! On the night when the scent of tequila smells ~♪ yes, [KEN-U]
It affects many people as an artist In addition, Ken-U, who also works on his own select shop in the downtown area. After all, the frame chose 735TR in front of the man. Coloring was worried about trouble. This winter theme color Determined for BLACK x RED. Jan!
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* Click the image to enlarge [MICHE] in the crank The wheels are brotures original. The front fork is of course full carbon. Because there are many clothes with thick silhouettes Select a Leader riser bar that you can ride comfortably. It is a finish that is too fashionable. Celebrate 10th anniversary To [Party Hard Tuesday] It may show me a rainy day. Finally, two shots together.
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