Which custom do you like?

Hello everyone

If you think it's getting cold, it's a coater that can't hide the surprise of the temperature change during the day of the day.

The shops around are wearing jackets well, but they still stand in short -sleeved T -shirts at the store.

Of course, don't worry, outside is wearing a jacket outside.


Yes, so I will leave the good story and move on to the main subject immediately.

As shown in the title today"Which custom do you like?"Where to say.

However, if you introduce it with this, you have to introduce a odd number of vehicles, so this time I will introduce the Local Bikes Metro body!

LOCAL BIKES METRO completed car ¥ 74,800-

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How was?

The color is"Black", "Gray", "Blue"Although it is three colors, the impression changes so much just by changing the custom.


・ Enjoy the “gap” with a slender frame with deep rim carbon wheels.

・ “Fashionable in the city” specification with racks.

・ It looks like "NJS" in a rattling.


One of the attractions is that it is a simple frame and flexibly responds to any custom.

In addition, the price is the finished car"Tax included ¥ 74,800-"It is quite reasonable compared to other brands.

You can choose the size and color now, so if you are considering it, please feel free to contact us.




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