Information on hand -assembled wheel camp...

The Leader®︎ series, which just had some models just received the other day.

Everyone who made a reservation in advance has been very waiting.

BROTURES Harajuku is currently working on a rapid pace, so

Please wait a little longer.

Along with such a long -awaited arrival, BROTURES Harajuku will be holding a hand -assembled wheel campaign today.

Piste bike flower -shaped custom parts,"wheel"

A large wheel with a large appearance impact, such as BROTURES's original baton wheels

Recently, many people have been applied as a longing custom.

In particular, the staff also looked at T3 and REAR is SHRED88.

It is a popular custom that is done as a royal road custom because it leads to the weight reduction of the body.


It is also true that many people are custom -made with the same assembly.

If you do custom with great effort, I want you to do your own special custom that is different from other people.

Although it is finer than today, to customers who ordered hand -assembled wheels,

BROTURES original logo sticker will be presented.

Compared to the baton holes that exist in ready -made products, from the three parts of hand -assembled wheels, hubs, spokes, and rims.

You can choose the brand you want one by one and make your own original wheel.


For example, if it is a rim wheel made of aluminum material,

The hub's hub and the rim use H Plus Son AT-25,

Because PHILWOOD's maintenance -free will never break, it is a sense of security and the better the running, the better the running.

It will be a special wheel that can be raised by yourself.

Regarding the rim called AT-25, it is lightweight at 450g,

It is a specification that you can enjoy the rigid driving of semi -aero processing.

The outside is light and the inside is a solid finest wheel.


Next, wheels using this carbon material rim,

This wheel using the original F-rim and the MACK hub

We are assembling light weight and rotation performance.

The weight of the hub of PHILWOOD is 380g, and the MACK hub is 175g.

The rotary performance is also excellent from the beginning with a MACK hub, so it will surprisingly turn around.

Since the carbon material F-RIM is made by the original, the number of spokes holes and

It is an excellent thing that can customize the height of the rim hat to your favorite height.

Of course, because it is a carbon material, it is very excellent in shock absorption performance, and you can drive comfortably.


With such a feeling, I explained the characteristics of each part used in hand -assembled wheels.

By the way, the hand-assembled wheel wage is ¥ 3,300-tax/¥ 5,500-tax-included for aluminum material/carbon material.

In addition, it will be a form that includes the parts fee.


A hand -assembled wheel that uses a major difference in driving performance depending on the parts.

If you want to do your own custom, a little different from other people, why not take this opportunity for the first time?

If you have any questions about hand -assembled wheels, such as parts and the period of creation,

Please contact us at any time, such as telephone, Instagram DM, LINE official account.

We look forward to your consultation and inquiries.



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