I want to eat Izumimon's bite gyoza.
Yes, let's go to Kyoto.

Apparently, I also want to eat the raw dorayaki of Odohai Zuun -do. This is Miya.

By the way, today we introduce a slightly different custom.

Leader Angelino PTG "Dirty" Custom Bike ¥ 208,120 (Tax IN)

In recent years, summer in Japan is more than a typhoon

The linear rainfall zone tends to be threatened by the one.

Personally, even in the rain, it's a typhoon, but I want to ride a bicycle
Even though the rainy season has passed, if this is a lot of rain, you will not be able to ride a very pleasant ride! ! (Hazuki Loupe)
I was mourning.

If you are on a fix by commuting or commuting, you will surely understand this frustration.

That's why.

Attached thick block tires! ! !

Fairweather block tire ver that I introduced on the other day

Fairweather for CX Tire by CG ¥ 4,400 (TAX IN)

This tire, which is one of the few domestic tire manufacturers "Panaracer", is originally developed for MTB that runs unpaved.
Later, this “CG CG CX” was reborned as a tire for cyclocross.

With the unique grip performance of Zero Slip Compound
Not only do you not use bad roads, but also have overwhelming suppleness, and go straight.
Furthermore, the air pressure is lower than the road tracing tires, so the cushioning is also excellent.

Wow Panaracer.

The saddle is also a whole weather type with a strong awareness of the rainy darty ride

Cambium AllWeather ¥ 18,480 (Tax in)


Also, not only is it strong on rainy days,
On a holiday, you can boldly blame even a slightly rough road surface or gravel road
For the handle

Thomson Carbon Riser Bar ¥ 22,000 (Tax IN)


Look into the playfulness that matches the stem with the adventure cycle brand SALSA

The grip is gum color according to the overall atmosphere.

This "SAMURAI" grip produced by the BMX brand "KINK".
The grip pattern inspired by the sword is the coolest.
This is the first restock this year, but last summer it has been bombed and has many fans.
Of course, black is also available, so please.

Such a rainy day
I also tried to support "off -road", which was hard to step on with a fixie bike.
This custom bike.

I want to go with a single fix.
If you are looking for such an all -round bike, please come.

Unfortunately, this "CG CX", clearance of front fork (gap with tires)
At the moment, there is a body that can only be attached to Anglino. (smile
(Cinelli's Tutto is okay.)

In the first place, with the frame of the pisto developed to run faster
The act of wearing thick tires is nonsense,
There are many staff who like such niche customs, so
Such a mess of customs is also welcome.
(Of course, it doesn't respond to all requests.)

You who are stuck in the current custom.
Please consult us anytime.


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