"Brake" that is important for riding a bi...

Do you all change the "look" and "ride comfort" with wheels and handles, and do you OK?

If you are OK, please take a look at your body again.


Considering safety in riding a bicycle in Japan"absolutely"There should be a necessary part.



It is often overlooked, but the quality and appearance also change at all depending on the brand.

You can understand the opinion that "of course the fixi is no brake!"

The reason is simple why people who do not want to add such a brake do not want to give them. Because it's cool.

Then you can put it on a cool and finish. The story.


So this time about the brake.

We will introduce the recommended brake parts of "Harajuku", so please refer to it!



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At the Harajuku store, "Paul" is often introduced and actually used.

This cross lever is a model that supports the "31.8mm" diameter. Personally Made in USA The point is also a point.

It will support the genuine drop handle of the LEADER®︎7 series and DEDADABAR, so many people use this standard handle.

Not only the appearance, but also the touch is the best. When the brake is applied, the sound of "click" sounds without a joke.

Once you start using it, it is an attractive and squid lever that you will not be able to flirt with other livers!


② ONE BY ESU Light on Brake More Set ¥ 38,500-

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This is the first sales point"lightweight"Where.

Like Thomson and PaulShaved aluminum "Because the meat is removed to the limit, the rigidity is quite light while leaving it firmly.

In addition, one of the causes of that feeling that makes you feel moist when you draw the brake is also included.

The appearance is cool, and that feeling that can be pulled quickly is a refreshing feeling that only those who have used it are used.

Please taste it!


This two -point set is recommended in Harajuku, and it has been a little in stock recently.

Black is available for the first time in a long time, both the lever and the caliper can now choose both silver!

(※"22.2mm diameter"The black and silver of the Paul lever are still out of stock, so if you are using a riser handle, please look forward to the arrival. )


In addition, as an extra, the brake wire along the frame is always anxious, so I would like to introduce it again!



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If you are worried, just hide it. A simple idea. smile

The current 735TR etc."Internal specification"Because it is, it does not have to be separate, but it can be attached to give it fashionable and personality.

And if you put this in this,"Prevention"Because it is, it is just two birds with one stone.

If you are worried, why not try it?


Well, this time, I introduced this time after a long time.

When making inquiries"Desired model/color"Please tell us about etc. and please feel free to contact us.






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