Introducing one car tailored with DOSNOVE...

DOSNOVENTA components have finally arrived.

I think that there are quite a lot of people who have been looking for it because of the long missing product.

Currently, those who are riding Dosnoventa or want to ride

I think many people want to unify components according to the DOSNOVENTA frame.

In addition, cool videos for restocking have also arrived from Dosnoventa, so

If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out.

BROTURES Harajuku received a stem, handle, and seat post yesterday.

We will introduce custom cars immediately based on the Los Angels frame.


LOS ANGELS Frame Set ¥ 163,900-Tax included

LOS ANGELS completed car ¥ 273,900-tax included

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The base body this time is Los Angels of Dosonoventa.

This all -rounder model is suitable for all purposes, from streets to races.

The frame material uses the finest aluminium called Columbus AirPlane Aluminium.

The color of the frame is Green, the most popular in Dosnoventa.

Many people like this color that tickles male hearts with a military -like texture.

If you run through the city dashingly, your gaze is monopolized.

BROTURES SHRED88 Front ¥ 60,500-Tax included

BROTURES SHRED88 Rear ¥ 64,900-Tax included

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BROTURES SHRED88 is set up on the wheels before and after.

It is perfect for dressing up your car from a high rim hit of 88mm and its appearance.

In addition, it is sure that the running comfort changes dramatically due to the acceleration of the carbon material specific to the light weight and the shock absorption performance.

The wheels are out in Dosnoventa, but here I dared to add the BROTURES -likeness as an accent.

If you are looking for a carbon diprim wheel with a high rim hat, SHRED88 is recommended.

DSNV@102 Flat Bar ¥ 23,100-Tax included

DSNV@103 STEM ¥ 8,470-tax included

DSNV@105 SEAT POST \ 15,510-Tax included

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The components are set up, as I mentioned at the beginning, Dosnoventa.

The DOSV flat bar and the seat post are carbon materials, excellent in lightweight, rigidity, and shock absorption performance.

It is also a design unique to DOSNOVENTA that the carbon -specific texture can be seen with a modern expression.

In addition, a wide flat bar also improves handling performance, causing a posture and getting on in a comfortable posture.

You should be able to enjoy a comfortable ride and tricks such as skids.

Before this arrival, the battle is expected.

Who are the small number of Dosnoventa components?

We are looking forward to our customs, so we are looking forward to your custom.

If you are looking for it, please contact us as soon as possible.

We look forward to your inquiry.

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