If you adventure with Mate! !

Do you know "Burdak stir -fried noodles"?
It seems to be famous in the spicy mania area.
If you are, please try it.

To be honest, I died when I thought I could afford it. Miya!

Did Tokyo also have the rainy season? It feels like
It is around this time that the weather is not surprising today
For those who like outdoors, this time
Improve Imetre for the coming high season (expanding delusions)
Isn't it such an important time to raise your spirit by procuring various gears?

And here is the BROTURES Kichijoji store that I would like to introduce.

Mate X 250 “Adventure” Custom ¥ 348,000 (Intax)

In this custom, we chose "Dusty Army", which was the hottest stock from the beginning of the release.

The deep green logo is unified with brown and ground color,
Without a compromise, the rugged appearance in the amy color puts a little bit of a man's heart.
Hmm, I hate it.
You know! This is a happy scream.

Keep it in this area that praised your looks
The custom parts are as follows.

First of all, it is already becoming a standard in about a month since the launch of Mate.bike.
BMX handle custom"is not it.

The operability will be moderately yuru without the shoulder and elbow.
Above all, just changing to this handle will make your looks easier.

GAMOH KING CAREER ¥ 12,222 (Intax)

And as a new custom proposal
I attached the front carrier of "GAMOH".

A feeling of size that the skateboard fits with a good feeling. That is quite big.
With this, not only skateboarding but also day camp gears have been realized.

Even if the luggage exceeds the height of the side, if there is a rubber strap of "VOILE"
You can prevent luggage swaying and falling.
The orange with good coloring is also a point of appearance, and the fashionability is greatly improved!

Fairweather Stem Bag ¥ 5,390 (Intax)

It's a fine gimmick or a variety of equipment,
It is also a recommended point that it is a very smart custom.

It is convenient to have such a holder around the handle.
You can put a bottle like this,
It is OK even if you put a mobile phone or something around you.

Fairweather Seat Bag Mini ¥ 8,800 (Intax)

Starting with adventure elements
There is no doubt that the waterproof bag attached under the saddle will be active.

Even ABUS bike rocks that are more than 1m fit.
It's compact, and it's actually quite a lot of capacity.

If you travel a long trip, you can put a snack or something.

That's why!

What to load on the front carrier,
What to put in the porch depends on the rider! This custom that swells delusions.

It depends on the rider, even whether or not you actually have an adventure (adventure)
Who said

"Life is an adventure."

I would be glad if you could enjoy this season as much as you want, each one.
Of course, this custom has been sitting in the Kichijoji store from today, so if you are interested, please take a look.


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Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00