The most run frame in Leader.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

It's been about a month since my new life started.

During the new life time, the finished car travels well. Thanks to you, Leader is almost in stock.

Not only the 721TR of the entry model but also the high -end model 735TR is almost gone.

Meanwhile, I don't know if there is a secret, but 725TR is still available.

It can be handed over in about a week in the shortest time, so it will be a Leader completed car.

In the first place, many people know that 725TR is the beginning of Leader.

This frame was designed with a design that runs on a long and large road in the United States, so he is very good at straight lines.

So this model is suitable for those who want to run unexpectedly.

The wheelbase is longer, so it runs stably with less wander when driving.

I customized such Leader 725TR so that I can run more.

This look is always cool. A hand assembly using carbon rim on the rear of the baton on the front.

NOVACORONA's 3 -spoke baton "TRE" is a shape reminiscent of HED.

Finish can be selected from 2 choices, gloss finish and matte finish.

I think it's a wheel that turns well, light and has nothing to say.

Hed. It's already gone, but if you receive an order, you can definitely get it, so it's recommended.

The price is about half of HED. You can buy it with ¥ 110,000-INTAX, so it is a wheel that you should definitely choose.

The rear is an up-charge wheel that was reconstructed with a familiar LEADER carbon wheel L44 with a Dura-ACE truck hub.

This is pretty cool. It is cool that the spokes are silver according to the silver hub.

Because it is a hand assembly, the rigidity is increased than the genuine, and it is a long -use wheel.

The handle and stem were matched by ZIPP. Middle grade Service Course SL is light and cheap.

I think it is a really recommended component. The fact that manufacturers have almost no stock prove their popularity.

This brand is indispensable as an option for a custom proposal for those who want to run.

Top caps are completely played items.

GODANDFAMOUS titanium top caps have many designs and are cute and I love them.

I also wear this aurora color. There are many types of stores, so please come.

How was it.

I think this custom is perfect for those who want to cycling seriously.

Leader 725TR is a good model. Please contact us as you can choose the size.

Completed car: LEADER725TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 165,000-INTAX

Wheel (front): NovaCorona TRE CARBON BATON WHEEL ¥ 110,000-Intax

Wheel (rear): Leader L44 Carbon x Dura-Ace Custom Wheel \ 73,920-INTAX

Cog: NovaCorona 6al4v Titunium COG DLC ¥ 18,700-INTAX

Handle: ZIPP Service Course SL 70 Ergo Drop Bar \ 14,542-INTAX

Stem: ZIPP Service Course Sl Stem ¥ 12,903-Intax

Top Cap: Godandfamous Titunium Top CAP ¥ 3,080-INTAX


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