Limited one!

If you hear the ultra -light aluminum pashute frame, will you come to think of this model at a glance?

"Tyrant Bikes Kagero"

I am so. smile

As you can see, those who are actually riding and those who have had it, but it is even lighter than Leader®︎.

The thickness of the frame is moderate, and if you look closely at the seat tube, you can see it, but it is "scooped out" like 735TR.

This is good again ~

Those who ride in Tokyo, those who have many stops and go, this frame is quite easy to ride.


So, this time, I will introduce such a Kagero limit color.

It is the last one as the title says!

If you are a corner, I have customized it using the original carbon wheel.

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Tyrant Bikes Kagero Limited Candy Red LSIZE Frame Set ¥ 135,000-


There are many combinations of three batons on the front and deep lims on the rear, but this time I tried to assemble at the front "SHRED88" rear "T3".

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email

BROTURES SHRED88 Front ¥ 55,000-

BROTURES T3 Rear ¥ 95,000-


I like this appearance, but what about you?

The ride is good, and it does not suffer from people than the former.

Please refer to it.

Other parts are as low as possible, and we have left customs in the future!

I think it would be difficult to understand the difference unless you actually ride it and experience it, so if you choose a first bike, I think that it is good to customize it slowly.

Of course, it is also a crunchy from the beginning ◎

Please contact us according to your budget and how to ride.

By the way, since the size is L size, it is limited to taller, but it is first come, first served.

Conversely, the taller is lucky.

If you are interested, please contact us immediately.

Then we look forward to your inquiry.

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