If you are looking for it in a low price ...

Those who are thinking about commuting by bicycle and commuting for a new life.

However, I think that there are surprisingly many people who do not want to spend so budget or not.

Please be assured that the body for such a person is also available at BROTURES, of course!

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(Color: Matt Black, Graphite, Blue Gray)


This metro.

The good cost performance that is within 100,000 yen, including the key, lights, air, etc. required for the embarking, is quite attractive.

Of course, just because the price is lower than the others, it is not so that making is poor.

Overall, the bearing of the genuine wheels is also shield bearing.

As for this "bearing", there are two types of "shield bearing" and "ball bearing", and the difference is explained.


"Shield bearing"
Bearing is a "seal" as a unit, and it is the mainstream that is hard to mix garbage and foreign matter.
High durability. I often use industrial bearings instead of bicycles,
High versatile parts because the unit can be replaced.

"ball bearing"
Basics of bearing. Since it is not a shield, regular maintenance is required.
The adjustment is high in bicycles because the adjustment can be taken to the state of "rattling and no gori".
Campagnolo and Shimano have a strong commitment to ball bearings.

Like this.

If you get on the city without hesitation, it is better to have high maintenance/versatility, right?

By the way, the strongest hub that combines this rotation and durability also exists.

That is "PHILWOOD" that we recommend loudly

If you listen like this, you can feel the greatness.

Well, this time it is just a metro introduction, so let's keep in mind. smile

If you are interested in PHILWOOD, please contact us personally.


The story is back,

Another advantage is that it has a genuine riser handle.

There are a lot of honest people who change to a riser handle from the beginning while purchasing the body.

Actually, I also customize 735TR on the riser handle.

What is good is easy and easy to ride.

And it is easier to drop into the street custom.

It costs around 10,000 when it comes to a custom on the riser handle, so I think it's a great deal just to think about it.


I said a lot, but it's a long time to explain it, so let's keep it this much.

If you want to listen in detail or would like to purchase, please feel free to contact us below.

We look forward to your contact.

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