Use of summer bonuses.

I wonder if some people are on the Bon Holiday. The corona is not calm and it is difficult to return home. 。

At this time, the parts that had been long for a long time began to arrange their faces at the store.

Among these parts, "crank" is particularly moisturized. This time we will introduce here.

Brotures Rip Crank Set

Blowchards original direct crank. This price after BB and Turing is very easy to purchase.

The color is a two -color lineup of black and polished. I think polish is a small color, especially in the crank, so please purchase it at this time.

Rotor Vegast Track Crank Set

As you probably know, the low -cost crank "Vegast" of Rotor Aldhu.

To be honest, the only big difference is the material used in the crank arm. The rest is the same together.

Blow -thighs are available, including BB, chainring, spider, and arm.

This crank with a conscientious and high quality. I still have stock, so please purchase as soon as possible.


If you get lost, this. The price is not light in terms of price, but you can choose in that mind.

The best crank SG75 in addition to the NJS crank. Track racing has a track record.

The stepping is light and sturdy. The popular crank is back in stock.

Please try the longing parts by all means.

I introduced the crank introduction roughly. It's not cheap parts, so at this time. Yes, with a summer bonus.

I don't say that I have invested in a precious bonus, but isn't the big custom recently silent?

The crank gives a big change in the comfort of the bicycle.

Customs to make your daily bicycle life more enjoyable and more meaningful should not be indispensable.

In the second half of the year, try a big application. We are waiting for your order.


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