Pedal Speed ​​12 pedal speed has been rel...

Pedal Speed ​​12 has been released and it has arrived at Jah Life!
This time, BROTURES of Harajuku has been picked up on the special page. In addition to the introduction of shops and riders, we have the roots of Brotures. The direction that BROTURES aims for in the future will be transmitted to readers I wonder if it will be a good opportunity. Please see it at the store! ! No, please buy it, not a browsing! smile It has nothing to do with the above content, but I returned to Japan yesterday from the two weeks of China's training camp. I'm standing at the store after a long time! This time it was a training camp of the All Japan Ski Federation, but this summer when I ran and trained with a fix I fully demonstrated the results of the training! I was convinced that the fabric vehicle has something that leads to all sports! I would like to continue to sympathize with our customers the depth and fun of a simple bicycle vehicle.
Let's have a short movie of the training camp! I am black!
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