There is such a trick.

The new tenant opposite the Kichijoji store is quite finished.
What shop will it be? excited.

This is Miya.

Well, today
"You can actually do this!"
Introducing one drawer of Kichijoji Kichijoji.

Bridgestone Radac "Single Speed" Custom Bike \ ASK

At the request of a certain customer,
BRIDGESTONE's quite old road bike "Ray Duck" has been single -speeded.

In order to make a single -speed motorcycle from the so -called "gear car" with a transmission
It is necessary to change the drive component.
In other words, saying, "If you customize the gear car, you can make a single."

Although it is more troublesome than the cost
A frame that can still be used,
In addition, the choice is because the vehicle itself has a deep attachment.

There are several ways to say that it is a single.
What is the custom this time?

・ Hub
・ Deliller

Two places.

I think many people know
With "for single speed" frame
In the "road/cross bike" frame
The shape and width of the end are different in the first place.

First, clear from the shape.

For the end of the single speed, the nut stay is opened backwards
The chain is applied to the chain with the force of pulling the hub back.

The end of the load/cross bike has a different shape, so the hub cannot be pulled backwards
I can't apply tension.

So the first custom.

GRUNGE "Single Gear Adapter Tensioner" ¥ 2,090 (Intax)


Normally, set this guy in a place where a derailleur is attached
Make the direction of pulling the chain below, not behind.
If you add this

This is the case.
The derailleur works by pressing
This does not move because it is fixed.
The tension is perfect.

And the second part of the custom.
Next, we will solve the end width problem.

WHITE INDUSTRIES ENO "eccentric" hub ¥ 25,290 (Intax)

The rear end width of general single speed is about 120mm
On the other hand, on the road/cross bike, 130mm ~
I feel like that.
I want to use the hub of the fixie as it is, but since the length is not enough, I replaced it with a long axis long.

This time, the arrow of the white feather has passed
White Industries is a nice guy with beautifully made and perfect accuracy.

It has become longer, but by messing around these two places
"Single" of "gear car" is completed.

Vintage Bridgestone
It's pretty good!

That's why the delivery date is reasonable
If you have a body that you can have
Isn't that road bike a single?

Please feel free to contact us.


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