If you put it in real life this spring.

I think many people know in the news
Today, a car breaks the guardrail in Kichijoji and rushes into the sidewalk.
I hit the building and stopped.
There was an accident of that.

Not only keep in mind driving safely
True safe driving is the only way to avoid the danger of attacking.

Please be careful.

Good evening, Miya!

By the way, recent Tokyo has been warm days, cherry blossoms have blossomed, and it is a plating spring.
I guess there are many people who have changed their usual clothes into spring.

When I'm spending time in such a warm weather
I want to go out comfortably on a bicycle! It is no longer a matter of course.

In purchasing a new bicycle
I'm interested in fixie bikes, but what kind of ride is it,
I'm worried that I heard that the movement is different from a normal bicycle!
A little surprising person,

Please be assured.
At the Kichijoji store, you will actually get on and take a satisfactory test ride.
We have two sizes that both men and women can use!

What are you prepared

Leader® 735TR

after that,

Leader® 725TR


Not to mention the two different geometrys
(The 721TR geometry is close to 735.)

Also, even when visiting friends and couples
Because there are two

just like this,
You can have them run in the neighborhood together.

Have the calm cityscape of Kichijoji flush

It's okay to take a detour.

Even so, it became "Good, fixie !!"

Invite your life to the next stage
A longing pistwife is waiting for you.

~ Fin ~

By the way, there is no need to make a reservation for test rides.
Please feel free to come anytime!


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Then again!
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